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New Leaf Sober Living

A new start...

New Leaf Sober Living helps you begin to function as a transformed person, free from alcohol and addiction.

Our shared strength, experience & hope while recovering under common circumstances make this transformation a reality.

New leaf sober living home

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Why Choose New Leaf Sober Living?


At New Leaf Sober Living, our residents are MORE than just recovering individuals…they are a
part of our FAMILY. We go to great lengths to make all our participants feel “a part of” by being
inclusive in all of our efforts.

One of the differences between New Leaf Sober Living and other SLE’s is in our “family”
approach to sobriety. We understand that recovery is individual, but we encourage our residents
to share recovery together. We have found through our own recovery that this sharing helps aid residents in becoming involved and engaged in recovery. The community atmosphere of our home helps our residents bond and grow together as they each grow individually.

Sunday through Thursday nights we have a nightly wrap-up meeting at the house where each
resident does a personal "check-in". This further promotes our community atmosphere of support among the residents as we discuss life issues as they relate to our recovery.

It is our experience that the more a person is engaged in recovery, the more likely they are
to stay sober. We have also found that by doing things together - routine tasks, attending
recovery events, eating - we become more connected to each other and the recovery process.
This is yet another way in which we grow personally and spiritually - and remain sober.


Our House Manager (who also works a 12 step program) supports our residents in their 
recovery. The common goal of continuous sobriety helps our participants bond with each
other as each moves toward his individual goals, toward long-term sobriety, and toward independent living.

Respect and Dignity

We understand that recovering people need to be treated as human beings and as “people that
matter” (because we DO matter!) - instead of being treated as “less than” or “defective”,
second-class citizens. We afford our participants the dignity of humanity while allowing them
the time and environment to find their spiritual path.

Individual Recovery

At New Leaf Sober Living, we understand the disease of alcoholism and addiction from a “been
there” perspective, and want all our residents to have the opportunity to find themselves - and
their individual path to recovery – in their own time.

We encourge all residents to engage in the recovery process. We provide a safe and supportive
recovery-oriented home environment to afford residents the best opportunity to be free from addiction and alcoholism. Our experience is this type of environment has a very positive impact on residents as they focus on their recovery and overalll health. Every individual has his own recovery, and we support our resident’s efforts in finding what works for them, individually. As each resident figures out the components and the proper mix necessary for his recovery, we provide all the necessary “home” aspects.


New Leaf Sober Living gives our participants the necessary structure in a safe, secure, and
comfortable HOME environment. Our residence includes the following:

  • Utilities
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Bedrooms
  • Mattresses
  • Bed Linens
  • Laundry Machines
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • House Computer for Resident use
  • Internet Access

Our residents also participate in keeping the house clean by performing regular routine cleaning
chores. This allows us to maintain a clean and healthy environment that promotes positive habits for when residents transition to independent living. It is a good feeling to live in a beautiful and clean environment that we all have a hand in contributing to, and can feel a sense of pride in showing (and showing off!) to those that support us when they come to visit.